Constructive and Probabilistic Methods in Combinatorics

The Constructive and Probabilistic Methods in Combinatorics workshop will be held 4 September – 8 September 2023 at the University of Zagreb. The workshop will cover the topics of design theory, graph decomposition, algebraic combinatorics, finite geometry, spanning structures, and similar. We are aiming to connect early and mid-career researchers, with the aim of exposing ourselves to new methods and ideas, as well as starting collaborations between researchers in different subfields of combinatorics.

The mornings will be reserved for four invited mini courses. In the afternoons, we will have some contributed talks by other participants, as well as problem solving sessions in small groups.


All talks take place in Siva vijećnica (FER, Unska 3). There are signposts from the main entrance to Siva vijećnica.

*Coffee breaks 10:30 – 11.

Invited speakers

Simona Bonvicini, Department of Physics, Informatics and Mathematics, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

Tamás Héger, Eötvös Loránd University

Alexey Pokrovskiy, University College London

Katherine Staden, The Open University


Nina Kamčev, University of Zagreb, chair
Anamari Nakić, University of Zagreb

Research committee

Daniel Horsley, Monash University
Nina Kamčev
Anamari Nakić
Mathias Schacht, Universität Hamburg
Leo Storme, Ghent University

Practical information

The workshop will take place at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Unska 3, Zagreb, Croatia. This is a 20-minute walk away from the Zagreb main square (Trg bana Jelačića).

Public transport
See There are (at least) two ways to buy tickets.
– At any kiosk (usually “Tisak”). There is one at the airport. Thirty-minute tickets cost 0,53 eur.
– In the app.

From the airport
We recommend taking the shuttle bus to the main bus terminal: . From there, trams take you to the centre and conference venue, or you can take a taxi.
Or, you can certainly just invest in a taxi.

Events and information:

Some hotels near the conference venue
Hotel Blue
Hotel International
Garden Hotel
The Loop Hotel

Some hotels near the conference venue
Hotel Blue
Hotel International
Garden Hotel
The Loop Hotel

High end
Westin Zagreb

Private accommodation or hostels with single rooms:
Swanky Mint Hostel
City Rooms Zagreb
…and many more

Preliminary schedule

9:30 – 13:00 mini courses
13:00 – 14:00 lunch break
14:00 – 17:00 problem solving sessions and contributed talks

Monday morning: open problems session

Confirmed participants

Peter Allen, London School of Economics

Jack Allsop, Monash University

Sylwia Antoniuk, Adam Mickiewicz University

Adrian Beker, University of Zagreb

Julia Boettcher, London School of Economics

Candy Bowtell, University of Warwick

Domagoj Bradač, ETH Zurich

Yangyang Cheng, University of Oxford

Luke Collins, University College London

Oliver Cooley, LMU Munich

Katherina von Dichter, BTU Cottbus

Pranshu Gupta, University of Passau

Daniel Horsley, Monash University

Nina Kamčev, University of Zagreb

Kyriakos Katsamaktsis, University College London

Ander Lamaison, Masaryk University

Richard Lang, University of Hamburg

Gabor Lugosi, UPF Barcelona

Domenico Mergoni, London School of Economics

Mirjana Mikalački, University of Novi Sad

Yannick Mogge, University of Hamburg

Rudi Mrazović, University of Zagreb

Alp Muyesser, University College London

Anamari Nakić, University of Zagreb

Kalina Petrova, ETH Zurich

Emil Powierski, University of Oxford

Amedeo Sgueglia, University College London

Jozef Skokan, London School of Economics

Miloš Stojaković, University of Novi Sad

Tadej Petar Tukara, University of Zagreb

Liana Yepremyan, Emory University

Lena Yuditsky, Université libre de Bruxelles

Places for food and coffee

Near FER Zagreb
– Simple Green (good veggie options)
– Fuego Fresh Latin
– Tvornica zdrave hrane (good coffee)

Near the centre and main (Jelačić) square

– Sol tapas
– Submarine burgers
– Sopal
– Theatrium
– Nav
– Al dente pizza
– Torikaya ramen bar
– Kai street food
– Soi fusion
– Zrno bio bistro (good veggie options)
– Ožujsko pub
– Mali medo pub
– Any bakery 🙂

Coffee: Filteraj, Cogito, Quahwa, Luta, Broom44 coffee & brunch…
Bakeries: Salo, Korica, Bread club…
Ice cream: Aroma, Melt or Amelie

Bars & festivals
– Krivi put bar
– Valhalla beer bar
– Vintage industrial bar
– Bikers beer factory
– Green river festival
– Burger festival (google it :))


Image credit: By Prokofiev - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,